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  • 上海戎若服飾有限公司 上海戎若服飾有限公司
    上海戎若服飾有限公司 上海戎若服飾有限公司
    上海戎若服飾有限公司 上海戎若服飾有限公司

    上海戎若服飾有限公司about us

    上海戎若服飾有限公司創于2003年,是一家集設計、生產、供應鏈ODM于一體的專業裝公司,一直致力于中高端羽絨服和雙面手工羊毛羊絨大衣的設計研發。我們堅持從服裝細節和宏觀趨勢把關做起,精湛的細節處,突顯穿者的個性與品位,更是時尚、藝術與自然結合的保證。 我們已成功為多家中高端品牌公司提供了具有市場競爭力的設計產品和生產服務。對于產品生產的安全和品質管控,層層把關、如期保質保量出貨,以高性比和高把控度為客戶所青睞。

    Enterprise introduction

    Shanghai Rongruo Clothing Co., LTD  is a garment enterprise which assembled with research , development,manufacture,marketing and  specializes in wool, cashmere handmade and down garments.

    Our production base is located in Zhangyan Town Industrial Park,Jinshan District,Shanghai which enjoys convenient transportation. Now the factory covers total 4000 square meters  and employed more than 190 workers.

    With the prosperous business development, we found our new production base in Shandong province in 2016 by hiring more than 200 workers and expects to enroll another 150 workers in 2019.

    Our annual production is around two million with various types of high-grade woven and knit garments.

    Our facilities are complete,our  equipments are advanced. Our factory has been operating for more than 10 years by obtaining our motto “Quality first, Customer first”.

    Trustworthiness is originally,serious and responsible for the work,receives praise from the customers and the outside world.

    Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us.



      聯系人:杜先生 (總經理)
      電 話:021 39882297
      手機:186 0167 3036


      金山工廠地址: 上海市金山區張堰鎮振凱路235號(上海絢依服飾有限公司)



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